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They worked with me to obtain my first home by making the process easy for me to understand and upholding my expectations. They definitely know their stuff when it comes to VA loans and worked with me and the branch I serve to obtain all necessary documents. The process was so easy and went so smoothly that I would definitely recommend Veterans Home Loans to my fellow military members.

Eric H.


My spouse and I are both active duty military. We were being transferred and decided to sell our house in Washington State and purchase a home near our new duty station in Massachusetts. During the process, I was deployed and my spouse was 8 months pregnant at home still working her duties in Washington State. I returned from deployment to meet the new baby and start our move. During this whole time, John Lucas and Malikah Gamble were processing our loan. They called us each time a document needed to be reviewed and they were very patient with us when we were not immediately able to sign documents. The rate on the loan was great and they were familiar with the VA loan process. While I know most people don’t cram 3 or 4 life events into a couple months, I can guarantee that John and Malikah can handle your loan process. As active members of the military, my spouse and I have busy schedules and value responsiveness above anything else. John and Malikah exceeded our expectations.

Peter R.

I would definitely refer other veterans to Wes and his team. I have always been very satisfied with the experience and they find the best rates.  The process is streamlined and easy due to the constant communication. Definitely consider working with Veterans Home Loans for your future home. 

Christopher C.


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